medium early

Hybrid form

Threeway-hybrid Sorghum bicolor

Advice for cultivation

  • Locations: quick warming, light and sandy soils
  • Sowing period: Mid May to mid June, from a soil temperature of 12°C
  • Sowing rate: approx. 30-35 grains/m²
  • Row spacing: preferably 25cm with drill, every second pipe closed!
  • Crop protection: Guardo Gold®, Mais Banvel®, notice permission!
  • Fertilisation: like maize

Product advice

  • 300 000 grains/U = approx. 1 ha including fungicide dressing


FARMSURGO 180 is a new bred intermediate variety of a grain sorghum and a huge sweet sorghum for use as silage for cattle feeding or as a biogas substrate. Grain threshing is possible in regions with high amounts of heat, which leads to a classic double use.

FARMSURGO 180 is with a growing height of approx. 1,80m the stable alternative to classic food sorghum varieties. The early maturation into plant remains and grain enables optimal silage ability.

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Biogas use

FARMSURGO 180 produces excellent substrates to ferment in biogas plants with a high biological stability in the fermenter with high methane yield.

Silage use

FARMSURGO 180 delivers energetic high and starchy silage upon good cultivation conditions.

Grain use

Because of the very good stability and early maturation FARMSURGO 180 is suitable for a good grain threshing use in advantaged locations.