Thin sow, magical harvest!




ca. S 240 ¦ ca. K 240


medium early

hybrid plant


growth itineraries

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silage maize: 8 plants/m²

grain maize: 8 plants/m²

silage maize: 8 – 9 plants/m²

grain maize: 8 – 9 plants/m²

silage maize: 9 plants/m²

grain maize: 9 plants/m²

The Chamber of Agriculture North Rhine-Westphalia recommends the maize breed FARMAGIC for silage maize cultivation



  • Our breed with the highest total dry matter yield in silage use
  • FARMAGIC captivates with youth development, even on cold soils
  • Harmonious maturation of cob and plant remains
  • We recommend FARMAGIC because of its habits, its maturation behaviour and its enormous yield potential (already with low stocking density) for cultivation at all types of use, especially on better aquiferous locations

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Silage performance

  • DM yield
  • energy yield
  • starch yield
  • stay-green-behaviour
  • starch content
  • energy content