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ca. S 250 ¦ ca. K 260


medium early

hybrid plant


growth itineraries

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silage maize: 8 plants/m²

grain maize: 7 plants/m²

silage maize: 8 plants/m²

grain maize: 8 plants/m²

silage maize: 9 plants/m²

grain maize: 8 plants/m²

The Chambers of Agriculture recommend the maize breed FARMFLEX for the use as quality silo maize in Bavaria (Upper Bavaria South, West, Swabia, Lower Bavaria & Upper Franconia), Lower Saxony and NRW. It is recommended in the field of biogas in Schleswig-Holstein.*

*Source: LSV 2014, LWK



  • Yield stability
  • FARMFLEX stands for highest yields and flexibility: the maize cultivator can decide just before harvest if he wants to harvest silage, grain or CCM maize
  • Ideal for highest demands on yield and quality at silage maize cultivation for feeding and biogas use
  • Our classic one with numerous recommendations of the Chambers of Agriculture for silage maize and biogas use

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Silage performance

  • DM yield
  • energy yield
  • starch yield
  • stay-green-behaviour
  • starch content
  • energy content

Grains performance

  • grain yield
  • adjusted market performance
  • HTR-tolerance
  • stay-green-behaviour
  • cob fusarien tolerance
  • stalk fusarien tolerance