The early star!




S 230 ¦ K 220


medium early

hybrid plant


growth itineraries

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silage maize: 8 plants/m²

grain maize: 8 plants/m²

silage maize: 9 plants/m²

grain maize: 9 plants/m²

silage maize: 10 plants/m²

grain maize: 10 plants/m²

The Chambers of Agriculture in North-Westphalia and East-Germany* recommend the maize breed FARMSTAR for the use of silage in crop rotations emphasized on grass. The East German Chambers of Agriculture* and Lower Saxony recommend the grain maize cultivation, as well

Source: LSV 2014, LWK
*Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony, Thuringia



  • Absolute flexibility for growers, who want to decide at the latest for the kind-of-use
  • The star in starch yield and content with a safe grain and plant remains maturation even on heavy soils
  • High grain yields next to very early grain ripeness
  • The special breed for the early emphasizing quality silo maize after field grass
  • Also suitable for late sowing

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Silage performance

  • DM yield
  • energy yield
  • starch yield
  • stay-green-behaviour
  • starch content
  • energy content

Grains performance

  • grain yield
  • adjusted market performance
  • HTR-tolerance
  • stay-green-behaviour
  • cob fusarien tolerance
  • stalk fusarien tolerance