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Since 2007 the Farmsaat AG is established in the sector of seeds as an innovative, medium-sized company based near Münster in Westfalen, Germany. We breed hybrid maize of high quality solely with traditional hybrid methods and without the use of genetic engineering. Additionally, we exploit seeds of the cultivated varieties of grass, sorghum, soybeans and and for wildlife food plots. You will not find our seeds and varieties in trade, but rather directly with us and our regional FarmPartners.

You are interested in a new, professional perspective in a robust growing company?


Become a FarmPartner!

Are you a company in the agricultural environment (farmer, wage enterprise, sales agent, consultant, local merchant or the like) and feel connected to crop farming? We offer an exclusive area in which you as a FarmPartner represent our breeds in a consultative and marketing orientated capacity. Additionally, our concept provides further income opportunities with the compliance of logistical tasks.

Did we arouse your interest? If yes, please contact our marketing manager Matthias Kühlmann.


Matthias Kühlmann, M. Sc. agr.

marketing manager international

Tel.: +49 / 25 82 / 66 8 58 149
Fax: +49 / 25 82 / 66 8 58 249
Mobil: +49 / 1 51 / 54 44 76 97